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At Findustrial, we strongly believe that the closed-loop economy must be fully implemented in our society in the future. Two essential key factors here are customer-focused action and a sustainable mindset to ensure success based on transparency and fairness.

This is ushering in a new era for our economy. This new phase establishes the subscription model in what is probably the most dynamic industry: the industrial sector. Business models such as ‘equipment-as-a-service’ and ‘pay-per-use’ will gain in significance in this era because they enable future-oriented economic operations as a closed-loop cycle.

As a strong partner in the implementation of pay-per-use solutions, we reinforce the know-how of our customers with our global ecosystem on our Findustrial platform and support the establishment of usage-based business models for every industrial company.

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We develop the ecosystem for digital pay-per-use solutions.

We define our goal as developing a global ecosystem for pay-per-use financing in an effort to virtually connect businesses and financing partners. A stronger ecosystem means greater benefits for our customers.

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We enable
sustainability through innovative business models.

Through innovative financing models, we learn about the productivity and use of machinery and equipment, which generates added value for manufacturers and operators. Optimised service and maintenance intervals contribute to longer use and thus demonstrably increase residual values. If we succeed in reusing the assets, we are well on the way to a closed-loop economy.

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If you want to operate sustainably, you need to move away from linear thinking. Stop purchasing, using and disposing. Instead, you should start to look at the market and its growth as a cycle. Cycles are progressive and only work on the basis of synergies.

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Fintech Innovator Award 2021

Award Winner Findustrial

At the international Asset Finance Connect Conference in London, Findustrial won first place in the category ‘Fintech Innovator’, which illustrates the great potential of Findustrial. The conference was a meeting point for more than 250 high-profile participants from different countries in the automotive and equipment finance sector.

The two founders were delighted and enthusiastically celebrated their achievement in London. This award confirms once again that the Findustrial business model, with its platform for usage-based machine financing, is not only of interest in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but is now also a hot topic in the UK.

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