Pay-per-Use Finanzierung Österreich
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Electric forklift

FINDUSTRIAL was able to implement the following pay-per-use project in collaboration with Staplerprofi.


  • BRUCHA (end customer) ordered 11 forklifts from Staplerprofi for its site in Michelhausen in Lower Austria.
  • Seven of these forklifts were electric vehicles and four used traditional drive.
  • Staplerprofi agreed to supply its customer with 11 forklifts (7 with electric drive and 4 with traditional drive)
  • Hyundai was the manufacturer which supplied the forklifts to Staplerprofi
  • The forklifts are now leased to the customer at a monthly rate, with the lease payment amount already agreed in advance
  • At the delivery time of the 11 forklifts, Staplerprofi had not yet secured any financing
  • Instead, they agreed that BRUCHA would break off business relations if Staplerprofi did not deliver the forklifts on time. This would also be the case if Staplerprofi were to be unable to secure financing for the trucks


The forklifts which were ordered were supplied by Hyundai from Belgium. Due to the fact that the forklifts were already in Wels (Austria) at the time of delivery, an IoT connection was not yet possible. However, this is scheduled for April/May.


While looking for a financing solution for the forklifts, the managing director of Staplerprofi came across Findustrial. After the customer determined that our business model and the various financing options fit their needs very well, the decision was made to offer forklift financing in the rental model. A financing partner for this project was found very quickly in our ecosystem.


The lack of financing for the forklifts had to be addressed quickly and without complications so that the forklifts could be delivered to the end customer on time.


Within 3 weeks, financing was arranged with an Austrian leasing company and the 11 forklifts were delivered to Staplerprofi’s customer on time.

Thus, the lease agreement with the end customer was successfully concluded and the forklifts were handed over to the end customer on time.

"Using over Buying"
17 May | 12:00-13:00