Pay-per-Use Finanzierung Österreich

Secure additional growth potential with recurring sales.

Findustrial helps manufacturers of machinery and equipment generate long-term, consistent revenue. With many years of experience in the industrial sector and our expertise, Findustrial is your reliable pay-per-use implementation partner.

Success stories

more sales through stable, long-term, recurring revenue streams

Is your sales department constantly working under pressure to close sales? That’s a thing of the past. With pay-per-use offers you can achieve a 5 times higher revenue potential.

additional margin potential through monetisation of services

Integrating additional services such as maintenance and servicing into your offer will help you achieve a 20% higher revenue potential.

higher growth potential for companies with recurring revenue streams

Are you looking for a competitive advantage over other competitors? With pay-per-use offers you can achieve 15% higher growth than your competitors. Does that sound promising? It is!

How can Findustrial help you?
The platform as central administration system

Findustrial is your implementation partner for data-based financing. Our platform is your central administration system for the calculation of different pay-per-use solutions and serves as a project management structure for your pay-per-use projects. With our worldwide network, you can quickly and easily find the right financing partner.

The technical implementation

Findustrial takes care of the data connection of your assets. No matter what your IT infrastructure currently looks like, we take care of the IoT connection of your pay-per-use projects and thus guarantee the transmission of current usage data to our platform. Findustrial only accesses the data that is actually needed. Dashboards on the platform show you daily data evaluations of your pay-per-use projects. Thus allow you to draw conclusions about the production process.

The consulting and service competence
With Findustrial you rely on strong consulting skills and decades of experience in the industrial business sector. We want to convey this experience in combination with our newly developed flywheel consulting approach to our customers in our set-the-scope workshop. The areas of business, price and financing model for your pay-per-use business model are developed step by step. Together we develop our customers into a pay-per-use provider in the long term.
3 steps to becoming a pay-per-use provider

Findustrial supports you in the change process to become a pay-per-use provider.

Contact & info

Do you want to become a pay-per-use provider? Then find out more about us and our solutions for your business needs. We look forward to talking to you!

set the scope workshop

Findustrial will work with you to develop your perfect entry into the pay-per-use business. Together with you, we will analyse your business needs in a workshop.

Implementation of your pay-per-use projects

Let’s get started! Findustrial supports you in the implementation of your pay-per-use projects. Secure long-term access to the Findustrial platform and benefit from the global financing network.

Step 1
Contact Findustrial

A conversation with no obligation is your first step towards the service-based and usage-based design of your business model!

In a 30-minute virtual meeting, Stefan will explain your potential and outline the next steps!

Set the Scope workshop group
Set the Scope Workshop
We support you in the implementation
Ready... Set... Scope!

The first step is always… Actually, no! Becoming a pay-per-use provider is not difficult at all! Implementing a new business model with Findustrial is actually the opposite. It’s very easy.

The ‘Set the Scope’ workshop is primarily about developing a foundation for a service-oriented business model.

… for your company when we talk about changing the business model? Which operational requirements need to be covered and how does the implementation affect the company’s internal operations?

An accurate understanding of the status quo is essential when we talk about optimisation and goal setting.

In our ‘Set the Scope’ workshops we work together to collect information and develop important milestones for the successful implementation of pay-per-use and subscription models.

Findustrial’s subscription models are tailored to your needs
From beginner to professional – this is how you become a pay-per-use provider

We work with you, the manufacturer, to create the proper Findustrial platform subscription for your journey to becoming a pay-per-use provider. Depending on your implementation goals, we have developed suitable subscription models for you, which can be adapted to your needs with a wide range of services.

We support you in the implementation and our collaboration will benefit you on a long-term basis:

Access to the world-wide financing network

Management of your pay-per-use projects on our platform

Fast and easy simulation of pay-per-use offers

Long-term industry know-how for your implementation of your projects

IoT data connection of your assets and clear dashboards

Attractive advantages through our partner ecosystem

Access to the world-wide financing network

Management of your pay-per-use projects on our platform

IoT data connection of your assets and clear dashboards

Fast and easy simulations of per-per-use offers

Long-term industry know-how for your implementation of your projects

Attractive adavantages through our partner ecosystem

Are you interested in finding out more? Then get your Findustrial platform subscription for your company!


The BASIC subscription is ideal for getting started into the pay-per-use business. With access to our pay-per-use leasing calculator you can successfully implement your first projects.


PPU Leasing + service packages
Do you want to go one step further and integrate your service into a pay-per-use offer in addition to the asset? Then the ADVANCED subscription is the right choice for your!


All-In subscription
Findustrial supports you with our PREMIUM subsribtion the transformation of your business model. You achieve long-term recurring sales with our complete premium package.

Findustrial success stories

Pay-per-use financing of Trumpf high-end laser and punching machines

Pay-per-use leasing enables PRIMATECH to finance state-of-the-art equipment through flexible leasing rates that are based entirely on actual usage. If production is slow in the beginning, the leasing rate is also still low. If the business volume and thus the utilisation of the system increases, the leasing rates also increase automatically, without anyone having to worry about meter readings or discussions with banks.

PRIMATECH does not pay more than the original acquisition value through pay-per-use financing. On the contrary: the leasing period is shortened accordingly when capacity utilisation is strong!

Trumpf high-end combined laser/punching machine through pay-per-use financing

We are proud to help our clients establish sustainable business models.

‘Use instead of ownership’

Industry-wide solutions

Usage-based billing using a pay-per-use solution works in every industry.


Pay-per-use as a key driver of Industry 4.0

Construction machinery

Pay-per-use is perfect for rental models such as construction machinery


Pay-per-use as a solution for markets with a high technology standard such as the waste management industry


Pay-per-use as an optimal solution for high barriers to market entry in the aviation industry.


Pay-per-use as a solution for volatile markets such as the energy sector


Pay-per-use models as a solution for markets with high price pressure such as the transport sector
findustrial educate

Pay-per-use Starter

Are the terms servitization, subscription or pay-per-use still completely new to you?

With Findustrial Educate you will quickly become an expert in innovative business models. Therefore, we provide you with numerous videos on different focus areas to strengthen your knowledge!

Coming soon in english!
Educate Programme cover image
"Using over Buying"
17 May | 12:00-13:00