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Secure flexible repayment rates with pay-per-use financing

Do you want to make quick investment decisions without completely straining your liquidity and utilisation of the asset is also uncertain? Then pay-per-use financing is just the right choice for your business project. Get your individual pay-per-use offer in just 3 steps!

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Success stories
Make quick investment decisions
Faster investment decisions and optimisation of liquidity

New machinery and equipment as well as innovations and growth have one thing in common – acquisition and implementation requires a lot of capital. A pay-per-use financing supports your project.

Flexible forms of financing for companies
Flexibility in repayment due to usage-based data

The productivity of the machine is measured in real time and the repayment rates are based on the data transmitted to the Findustrial platform. This way, your payment is always based on the actual usage of your asset.

Increase liquidity by implementing pay-per-use solutions
Ongoing monitoring of assets and documentation of usage

The Findustrial platform enables you to keep a precise usage record through the data connection. Our customers benefit on a long-term basis from optimisation of utilisation processes and documentation of maintenance and servicing intervals.

Realise the benefits of pay-per-use financing – we have the solution

Findustrial supports you in the implementation of your project with pay-per-use financing.

How does it work?

Define parameters such as the service life, your monthly target utilisation as well as minimum and maximum repayment rates. Using these parameters, you can quickly and easily calculate your pay-per-use project.

Pay-per-Use Financing example
3 steps to your pay-per-use offer

We guide you on your path to a simple and flexible financing solution for your business project.

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During the appointment we will discuss the key aspects of your pay-per-use project.

Findustrial success stories

Pay-per-use financing of Trumpf high-end laser and punching machines

Pay-per-use leasing enables PRIMATECH to finance state-of-the-art equipment through flexible leasing rates that are based entirely on actual usage. If production is slow in the beginning, the leasing rate is also still low. If the business volume and thus the utilisation of the system increases, the leasing rates also increase automatically, without anyone having to worry about meter readings or discussions with banks.

PRIMATECH does not pay more than the original acquisition value through pay-per-use financing. On the contrary: the leasing period is shortened accordingly when capacity utilisation is strong!

Trumpf high-end combined laser/punching machine through pay-per-use financing
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