Pay-per-Use Finanzierung Österreich

The platform for implementing pay-per-use solutions.

Findustrial is the central data management point for all stakeholders: manufacturers, operators and financing partners. Use our independent platform for project management of your assets. Calculate your offer for new investments with our different pay-per-use calculators.

The Findustrial platform is the central management point for all stakeholders. Use the platform to find the right funding partner. Monitor your assets with numerous dashboards. Calculate your offer with our pay-per-use calculator.

Data Connection

Your assets in the form of machines, plants or entire systems are connected to the  Findustrial platform. This enables transparent generation of data based on utilisation and productivity in real time.

Data Management

The generated data of the assets is secured in our cloud. We guarantee maximum data sovereignty and data security in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other national and European laws and regulations.

Data Utilisation

The usage-based data can be called up by our customers at any time and is visualized and prepared for billing. For optimal utilization, the data is reported in user-friendly dashboards.

Quick and easy pay-per-use simulations
Pay-per-use calculator

Create your pay-per-use request quickly and easily with a variety of models. With our pay-per-use leasing calculator, service calculator and rental calculator you are guaranteed to be able to calculate suitable offers for your customers.

We connect your machine

We guarantee permanent and secure monitoring via an IoT connection directly to the asset. All data remains traceable and the property of the operator. Data quality and data security are our top priority.

We find the right financing partner worldwide
Project financing

By registering on the Findustrial platform, you secure access to our global financing network. The financing process is initiated in the platform through a modular financing request and managed for each project.

We handle the transparent processing

As a platform and data interface, we handle automatic processing of invoices and payments for all pay-per-use projects and forward them automatically to the project participants.

Your usage data prepared in user-friendly way

Our customers have constant oversight of the assets which are provided and used. PowerBI is used to generate detailed evaluations of specific data for each pay-per-use project, which are made available to the platform user in real time.

The result: complete user-friendly overview of your connected assets.

Pay-per-use Starter

With the Findustrial Educate Programme you will become an expert by fully understanding the opportunities and possibilities associated with pay-per-use models.

Find numerous videos and documents with different focus areas to strengthen your knowledge!

Coming soon in english!
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Absolute data security thanks to blockchain technology

Data security is one of our primary goals.

Our technical partners

Collaboration with our selective partners allows us to solve technical challenges and creates added value for our customers.

"Using over Buying"
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