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Trumpf high-end laser and punching machine
Trumpf high-end combined laser/punching machine through pay-per-use financing

FINDUSTRIAL was able to implement the following pay-per-use project in collaboration with the company PRIMATECH Metallverarbeitung GmbH.


  • Primatech Metallverarbeitung GmbH is a small regional metalworking company and a supplier for the booming pellet and wood chip heating industry
  • The company currently has a lot of orders
  • An investment in expansion is pending, which represents a considerable amount for a small company
  • Uncertainty about whether the strong order situation will continue and whether the machine can be used to capacity also causes uncertainty about the scope and timing of the expansion investment
  • The company has a good business relationship with its bank and would like to optimise the liquidity risk from the investment


Primatech decides on a Trumpf high-end combined laser/punching machine with an investment of around EUR 1.5 million, irrespective of financing


  • With the support of the Findustrial platform, the bank offers a usage-based leasing option
  • A maximum term is fixed via a minimum instalment that is manageable for the company
  • The Trumpf machine is connected by Findustrial, so the company can monitor the usage of the machine in real time on the Findustrial platform
  • Based on the usage, Findustrial calculates the defined leasing rate for each period and the basic parameters of the leasing contract that are changed as a result
  • Financing via partners helps conserve the principal bank credit lines


  • The liquidity risk is significantly reduced
  • The investment decision is therefore easier to make
  • Overview of the utilisation of the machine
  • Increased utilisation means that more is automatically paid back, which reduces the leasing period; consequently, new investments can also be started earlier
  • Primatech Metallverarbeitung GmbH can use the asset in the long term independently of the financing (purchase at the end of the term)
  • No risk of having to pay more at the end in the event of excessive use


  • The manufacturer ‘sells’ the machine as usual
  • The investment decision is made more quickly by the customer
  • The risk of migration to the competition is avoided


  • The relationship with the principal bank is further reinforced, and the principal bank can offer customer-oriented and innovative solutions
  • Migration to asset financiers or manufacturer pay-per-use solutions is avoided
  • The customer’s lower liquidity risk is also positive for the bank rating
  • Event of default risk is reduced
  • Processing is fully automated via the Findustrial platform
  • Ongoing usage data gives the bank better insight into the current production volume and the condition of the asset

"Using over Buying"
17 May | 12:00-13:00