“PAY-PER-USE LIGHT” – Your first step towards as-a-service business models!

You want to know how the crisis impacts the Equipment Manufacturing Industries and how you can leave the downward spiral in your industry?

Check it out in our previous article „Challenges for Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) during the Covid-19 crisis … and a possible way out.“

Today we want to highlight again the four common methods of acquiring equipment and why OEMs should start to offer as a service models to build up future income streams.

4 common methods of acquiring equipment

Equipment purchase as well as operating lease financing models are quite common in the industry with a slight downward trend due to IFRS 16 standard implementation and off course COVID-19 crisis. 

Nevertheless pay-per-use and as-a-service business models are still very rare and lack behind mainstream implementation. 

What can you do as an equipment OEM if you are still very much relying on the purchase of equipment but your customers are lacking trust in the market outlook and hence don’t want to invest in new industrial assets. 

We at Findustrial think, it is the perfect time to start your journey towards “as-a-service” business models. Hence we developed our “Pay-per-use light” offering to give OEMs a quick-start into as-a-service business models without spending years to even get started. 

There are possibilities of acquiring assets without immediately putting a major burden on OEMs balance sheets and at the same time supporting the liquidity constraints on the customers‘ side. Make sure you make use of them in your business. 

➡️ Get in contact with us if you want to find out more about our exclusive pay-per-use light offering to kickstart your journey towards as-a-service business models. 

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