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The platform for pay-per-use solutions

Away from one-time sales towards recurring revenues

Findustrial helps your company develop usage-based and future-oriented business models. Our data-driven pay-per-use platform is your central management system.

Success stories
Success factors for your pay-per-use offer
more revenue potential through stable and recurring revenue streams

higher growth potential for companies with recurring revenue streams

additional margin potential through services such as maintenance and repair

on the cutting edge with an innovative financial product

Use instead of ownership: benefit from pay-per-use financing
Faster investment decisions by minimising business risk
Flexibility in repayment through alignment with actual benefits
Tax benefits and balance sheet neutrality
Process optimisation through ongoing monitoring of the assets in use


Our mission. YOUR Added value. Your business model.

Integrating pay-per-use solutions means using less resources and energy. If you only use as much as you need, you demonstrably reduce your CO2 output.

Your sustainable business model makes a valuable contribution! Pave the way for our future with your company!

Linear Economy

The ‘throw-away economy’ means that used infrastructure, systems and raw materials that are integrated for a specific process are not returned to the production cycle after their service life.

Circular Economy

The circular economy means utilising infrastructure instead of buying it. It provides for the return of equipment, which is then reintegrated into the economy and reused. This improves the carbon footprint of manufacturers enormously.

CO₂ Reduction

Business models that provide for the use and provision of industrial equipment as a service have a CO₂ reduction potential of 37–65% through cycle optimisation and resource efficiency.

Source: Systemiq 2021

Platform for pay-per-use
How do we make pay-per-use possible?

With the Findustrial platform we facilitate the implementation of pay-per-use solutions. We help machine manufacturers transform their business model from one-off sales to predictable and recurring income. With innovative pay-per-use financing, we help our customers build a sustainable and future-proof business.

Secure the benefits with four essential tools on our Findustrial platform.


Findustrial takes care of the entire settlement process for invoices and payments between parties for all pay-per-use financing.


Quotations created in the pay-per-use calculator can be passed on directly to the financing partners.


We handle the connection of your assets and guarantee our clients the highest possible data security.


Easily and quickly implement usage-based financing models directly on the platform.

Become a financing partner for pay-per-use projects

Achieve your full potential through collaboration with Findustrial
Huge business potential with innovative financing products.

Secure additional business potential and be among the first to get involved by implementing a pay-per-use model. ​

Access to trusted machine data and fully automated billing processes

We guarantee a secure data connection for monitoring usage-based data, which is stored in the cloud by Findustrial.​

Risk minimisation through permanent cost monitoring

Thanks to the secure and continuous connections, productivity and utilisation are permanently monitored by us and can be viewed transparently.

Findustrial Educate

Pay-per-use Starter

Are the terms servitization, subscription or pay-per-use still completely new to you?

With Findustrial Educate you will quickly become an expert in innovative business models. Therefore, we provide you with numerous videos on different focus areas to strengthen your knowledge!

Coming soon in english!
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Findustrial ecosystem
Our ecosystem. One goal. Your Added value.

No matter how you integrate ‘pay-per-use’ and what role you play. Whether you are a manufacturer, operator, financing bank, consultancy, leasing company or broker for used machinery, there is room for everyone in our pay-per-use ecosystem. Findustrial’s goal is to connect a very wide range of players all over the world!


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