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Up to 3x more revenue manufacturer

What are the benefits of pay-per-use or as-a-service compared to normal one-off sales?

You benefit from recurring revenues, additional margin potential through services and a strong market position thanks to an innovative offering.

Three bars showing the revenue potential of one-time sales (€200,000), pay-per-use incl. lifetime services (€385,500) and equipment-as-a-service (€612,000).

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What is a

Pay-per-use model?

= Asset users repay the financing of the asset on the basis of actual use

As an asset manufacturer, you can offer pay-per-use in different models such as pay-per-use leasing or credit. Here, the repayment rate of the operator varies depending on the utilisation of the asset. The rates are therefore flexible and depend on actual use.

Pay-per-use sales financing models allow asset manufacturers to move quickly into usage-based business models without giving up cash flow.

For customers, investment decisions are made easier as liquidity is secured through flexible repayment in pay-per-use models. In addition, with good utilisation, the term can be shortened and thus interest can be saved.

What is a

Equipment-as-a-Service model?

= Benefit of an asset or service in the subscription model

In the EaaS model, the use of an asset is often offered with additional services, depending on the user’s needs. These complementary services can range from maintenance and service to spare parts packages.

These complementary services can range from maintenance and service to spare parts packages. Furthermore, additional services can be offered with EaaS models. In this way, the margin potential is used efficiently and turnover is generated in the long term.

The customer only pays for what he actually uses and is absolutely flexible. The service package is tailored exactly to the needs and offers an “all-round carefree” experience.

Pay-per-use can be diverse

Whether leasing, credit or rent, ... Pay-per-use models are your key to satisfied customers and sustainable growth.

The wide range of Pay-Per-Use models gives you the flexibility to tailor your offering to different industries and customer segments.

Whether you offer machine tools, production machines, robotic solutions, recycling solutions or other products – Pay-Per-Use opens up a wide range of opportunities to strengthen your customer loyalty and open up new business opportunities.

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Findustrial is your professional partner for the planning and implementation of pay-per-use models and as-a-service solutions!

We help machine manufacturers transform their business model from one-off sales to predictable and recurring revenu With innovative pay-per-use financing, we support our customers in building a sustainable and future-proof business.

Our services

Findustrial helps you ...

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... with the Pay-per-Use As-a-Service Platform

The Findustrial platform is the place where you keep track of all your projects and data. Other features such as a simulation for new projects, invoice and payment processing as well as access to Educate videos and different user roles for your organisation make our platform unique.

Presentation of the Findustrial platform for the implementation of pay-per-use and as-a-service models.
Findustrial Team - FAQs about Findustrial
... with strong consulting and service competence

With Findustrial, you can rely on strong consulting expertise and decades of experience in the industrial sector. We develop profitable as-a-service offers with you and minimise the complexity of implementation for you.

Our strong team of experts supports you in the following key areas: PPU financing IoT concept/connection Service activation Refinancing EaaS business model Risk management Legal/Tax Marketing

Experts for für Pay-per-Use und As-a-Service models

How to get your own offer

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Personalized flyer for a pay-per-use model to present to a client
Findustrial Team - FAQs about Findustrial
Calculate first offers directly in the platform

With the Findustrial DEMO you get free access to the Findustrial platform so that you can quickly and easily calculate initial pay-per-use offers for your customers. 

Presentation of the Findustrial platform for the implementation of pay-per-use and as-a-service models.

Industry-wide solutions

Usage-based business models work in almost every industry. Pay-per-use and as-a-service are the ideal business models for industry-specific and cross-industry machinery and equipment

Tool & Manufacturing

Usage-based models enable machine tool manufacturers to build closer customer relationships and ensure continuous cash flow. In addition, data on machine usage can help with product improvements and tailored offers.

Mining, construction and building material

Usage-based business models offer construction equipment manufacturers the opportunity to build longer-term customer relationships. Instead of benefiting only once at the time of purchase, they can generate more stable income streams through regular maintenance and service income.

Recycling solutions

Manufacturers of recycling solutions can generate regular revenue through service contracts through pay-per-use or equipment-as-a-service models. They can also react more quickly to customer feedback and optimise their products accordingly.

Air, cooling and heating technology

In this industry, service-oriented business models can ensure that technologies are always optimally used and maintained. This not only extends the life of the products, but also creates reliable revenue streams through service and maintenance contracts.

Robotics & Automation

Manufacturers in the robotics and automation industry can strengthen their market position through usage-based offerings. This enables them to generate a continuous income through after-sales business while collecting valuable data on the use of their products.

Aeronautics and astronautics

Aerospace manufacturers benefit from usage-based models by being able to position themselves as full-service providers. This can increase customer loyalty while providing recurring revenue through maintenance and upgrade services.

Satisfied customers

We are proud to help our clients establish sustainable usage-based business models.

Successful reference projects

PAY-PER-USE Financing

Usage-based billing of shredders and recycling plants


Usage-based billing of cooling systems incl. Service packages


Complete Equipment-as-a-Service solution for transport systems

Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to your questions. Our experts explain everything you want to know in a short and concise way.

This is the question we deal with in our Maturity Call. After working out your expectations, we determine together which Findustrial services or which ABO model best suits your needs.

You offer your customers the possibility to decide faster for your machine, because the cash burden for your customers is less. In addition, additional margin potential is offered to you through service offers. In this way, you also increase customer loyalty.

Unsure if your pay-per-use or as-a-service journey with Findustrial will work for you? If you are not satisfied with our service after 6 months, you will be refunded 50% of the cost. We make this promise because we are fully convinced of what we offer and want to provide you with the security you need to take the next step.

With PPU financing, your risk is very low because you sell your asset through our financing partner, so to speak. Your customers now pay flexible instalments back to them. In addition, you can build a customer relationship and generate additional sales through after-sales business.
With Equipment-as-a-Service models, your asset is only used by your customers and not sold completely. For you, this means long-term, recurring sales and an equally lucrative service business.

The Findustrial platform is the place where you manage your data and keep track of all your projects. Invoicing and quoting can also be handled. This tool helps you and your clients achieve maximum success from usage-based financing.

Pay-per-use models are possible and sensible in almost every sector where there may be fluctuating plant utilisation in principle. Pay-per-use exists both in the stationary sector (all types of production machinery) and in the mobile sector (construction machinery, agriculture, trucks). In addition, a large number of units in so-called ancillary areas (cooling, heating, ventilation, lighting) are offered via pay-per-use.

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