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Become a financing partner for pay-per-use projects

Suitable for banks, leasing companies, venture capitalists or other financial institutions. The larger the network within the pay-per-use ecosystem, the more we reinforce mutual interests for our partners and customers.

Join us in shaping the future of industrial financing with pay-per-use projects!

Success stories
Financing partner business potential
Huge business potential with innovative financing products

Secure additional business potential and be among the first to get involved by implementing a pay-per-use model. The Findustrial platform gives you fast and direct access to projects and helps you manage them conveniently.

Financing partner machine data
Access to trusted machine data and fully automated billing processes

We guarantee a secure data connection for monitoring usage-based data, which is stored in the cloud by Findustrial. The platform carries out the billing process fully automatically on a monthly basis. It serves as the basis for billing between the partners who are involved.

Risk minimisation through financing partners

Risk minimisation through permanent cost monitoring

Thanks to the secure and continuous connections, productivity and utilisation are permanently monitored by us and can be viewed transparently. This way, we minimise the risk for financing partners.

What is the potential of subscription models and pay-per-use financing?

Experts expect a growth rate of 35% by 2025 in the provision of industrial infrastructure for companies implementing equipment-as-a-service concepts and flexible pay-per-use financing.

It is clear that this is not just a trend, but actually a total transformation in the way we conduct business.

Source: IoT Analytics 2020

In addition to the enormous potential for growth and the limitation of resources, we see it as our duty to work on sustainable business models. Our goal is to make a significant contribution to a change in mindset and to support business activity in a closed-loop cycle.

Use instead of buy! We help companies transform their business model and connect them with reliable financing partners.

Source: Systemiq 2021

Challenges and solutions for financing partners in pay-per-use projects

As Findustrial, we solve the challenges faced by financing partners with our partners from the global ecosystem and facilitate rapid entry into the pay-per-use world. Identifying potential increases the chances of success. At Findustrial, we aim to capitalise on these opportunities for the benefit of our partners.  

IT processing

Many existing leasing IT systems are not designed to process flexible lease payments based on machine usage data. The Findustrial platform takes over this task outside the internal IT system and transfers the data via an interface. Secure and reliable!

Residual value risk

Minimising residual value risk is a key objective for implementation of the pay-per-use solutions. Moreover, life cycle costs are reduced.

IoT connectivity & interfaces

An automatic data interface is required to enable automated processing of pay-per-use financing. We provide a secure data connection for various machines and devices.

Ongoing customer information

Dashboard visualisation gives our customers an overview of all relevant parameters – in real time and available at all times. Processes can thus continue to be optimised.

Data validity & security

Usage-based data is the basis for calculating payments. Data validity and data security are our top priorities. For this purpose, Findustrial uses blockchain technology, for example.

Calculation & refinancing

We screen operational plans and resources to ensure accurate costing and refinancing. Data connectivity enables transparency and planning certainty for all parties involved.

Reporting & accounting

Integration of pay-per-use solutions brings tax benefits and balance sheet neutrality. We provide advice and support for transformation in reporting.

Contract drafting & invoicing

To enable flexible and usage-based invoicing, conventional leasing or credit contracts must be supplemented with a pay-per-use solution. Findustrial takes care of drafting flexible contracts and invoices.
Our goal is the global networking of pay-per-use projects

The Findustrial platform offers financing partners a wide range of opportunities for global investment projects. Become a pay-per-use financing partner and shape the future of successful industrial companies.

Findustrial success stories

Pay-per-use financing of Trumpf high-end combined laser/punching machines

Pay-per-use leasing enables PRIMATECH to finance state-of-the-art equipment through flexible leasing rates that are based entirely on actual usage. If production is slow in the beginning, the leasing rate is also still low. If the business volume and thus the utilisation of the system increases, the leasing rates also increase automatically, without anyone having to worry about meter readings or discussions with banks.

PRIMATECH does not pay more than the original acquisition value through pay-per-use financing. On the contrary: the leasing period is shortened accordingly when capacity utilisation is strong!

Trumpf high-end combined laser/punching machine through pay-per-use financing
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