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Successful reference projects

PAY-PER-USE Financing

Usage-based billing of shredders and recycling plants


Usage-based billing of cooling systems incl. Service packages


Complete Equipment-as-a-Service solution for transport systems

What advantages do you expect as a financing partner?

Enormous business potential with innovative financing products

Secure additional business potential and be among the first movers by implementing a pay-per-use model. On the Findustrial platform you get the fast and direct access to the projects and can manage them conveniently.

Access to machine data and fully automated billing processes

We guarantee a secure data connection for monitoring usage-based data stored by Findustrial in the cloud. On a monthly basis, the platform carries out the clearing process fully automatically. This is used as the basis for settlement between the partners involved.

Risk minimization through permanent cost monitoring

Thanks to the secure and continuous connection, productivity and utilization are permanently monitored by us and can be viewed transparently. In this way, we minimize the risk for financing partners.

What potential do subscription models and pay-per-use financing have?
Growth rate

Experts expect a 35% growth rate by 2025 in the provision of industrial infrastructure when implementing equipment-as-a-service approaches and flexible pay-per-use financing.

One is sure that it is not just a trend, much more one assumes a transformation of the way of doing business altogether.

Source: IoT Analytics 2020


In addition to the enormous growth potential and the limited nature of available resources, we see it as our duty to look at sustainable business models. Our goal is to make a significant contribution to a change in thinking and to support the business cycle.

Use instead of buying! We help companies transform their business model and connect them with reliable financing partners.

Moving from a linear economy to a circular economy

Source: Systemiq 2021

Challenges and solutions for financing partners in pay-per-use projects

As Findustrial, we solve funding partner challenges with our global ecosystem partners and enable rapid entry into the pay-per-use world. Recognizing potential increases the chances of success. We at Findustrial want to take advantage of these opportunities for the benefit of our partners.

IT processing

Many existing leasing IT systems are not designed to process flexible lease payments based on machine usage data. The Findustrial platform takes over this task outside the internal IT system and transfers the data via an interface. Secure and reliable!

Residual value risk

Minimising residual value risk is a key objective for implementation of the pay-per-use solutions. Moreover, life cycle costs are reduced.

IoT connectivity & interfaces

An automatic data interface is required to enable automated processing of pay-per-use financing. We provide a secure data connection for various machines and devices.

Ongoing customer information

Dashboard visualisation gives our customers an overview of all relevant parameters – in real time and available at all times. Processes can thus continue to be optimised.

Data validity & security

Usage-based data is the basis for calculating payments. Data validity and data security are our top priorities. For this purpose, Findustrial uses blockchain technology, for example.

Calculation & refinancing

We screen operational plans and resources to ensure accurate costing and refinancing. Data connectivity enables transparency and planning certainty for all parties involved.

Reporting & accounting

Integration of pay-per-use solutions brings tax benefits and balance sheet neutrality. We provide advice and support for transformation in reporting.

Contract drafting & invoicing

To enable flexible and usage-based invoicing, conventional leasing or credit contracts must be supplemented with a pay-per-use solution. Findustrial takes care of drafting flexible contracts and invoices.
Our goal is the global networking of pay-per-use projects

The Findustrial platform offers financing partners a wide range of opportunities of global investment projects. Become a pay-per-use financing partner and shape the future of successful industrial companies.

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We are looking for strong and committed partners who will work with us to develop and implement innovative models to help companies around the world operate more efficiently and sustainably. Your financial expertise and our pay-per-use approach are the perfect combination to create value and shape the future together.

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